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Diagrams of the Key Steps to Better Decision Making

The ability to make good decisions is a skill that must be learned and, as with any skill set, there are several ways to do it. Systems for decision making usually include between five and eight key steps. They center on four main concepts; identification of the decision to be made, coming up with alternatives, finding the good and bad points of each then making a plan to implement the decision. Diagrams with these decision making steps make organizing your thoughts easier. There are numerous options available when looking for this kind of diagram. These are some of the easiest to use....(more)

Church Leadership

Advice for Christian Men in Church Leadership

Christian men who find themselves in positions of church leadership sometimes feel overwhelmed or unqualified for the task to which they've been called. If you are in a position of church leadership, you don't need to panic. These ideas are foundational principles for your growth as a church leader....(more)

St. John the Baptist and Other Important Saints

There are hundreds of saints in the Christian tradition. Because each one is patron saint of a different area, the list of the most important saints can vary greatly over time, geographical region and even from person to person. Learn about some significant saints of the early Christian Church....(more)

Most Common Careers in the Christian Faith

A church has numerous employment opportunities in the mission field and in its business office. These are some of the most common Christian careers to pursue in churches....(more)


Popular Cruises for Christian Couples

For people on a budget looking to go on a memorable, inclusive vacation, a cruise is a popular choice. What's great about cruises is that they let you experience many different locales, and everything is included and planned for you. For Christian couples, there a variety of wholesome Christian cruises that incorporate teaching seminars, inspirational speakers and a spiritually uplifting experience....(more)