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Popular Christian Sites: Daily Devotional on Love

Reading and meditating upon a daily devotional is a great way to maintain a calm mind. There are many Christian sites with prepared devotions on a variety of subjects, such as spirituality, charity and love. Try reading one of these sites while listening to relaxing music, and see the results for yourself....(more)

A Brief History of the Lutheran Religion

The Lutheran religion is a denomination of Protestantism named after Martin Luther. It is the oldest form of Protestantism and was essentially formed in "protest" to the Catholic church of the time. Martin Luther was a German monk of the 16th century, and he also did not approve of his name as it was eventually attached to the religion....(more)

What Is Eschatology? A Christianity Overview

Eschatology is a philosophical concept concerned with beliefs of predictions about humankind's ultimate destiny on earth. In Christian culture, it may be called the "end times," "end of the world," "Revelation" or "Tribulation."...(more)

Understanding the Basics of Christianity

Christianity has more than two billion adherents, making it the largest religion in the world. Though different branches have different interpretations on the specifics of the religion, these Christianity basics hold true for most Christians worldwide....(more)

Church Leadership

Advice for Christian Men in Church Leadership

Christian men who find themselves in positions of church leadership sometimes feel overwhelmed or unqualified for the task to which they've been called. If you are in a position of church leadership, you don't need to panic. These ideas are foundational principles for your growth as a church leader....(more)

St. John the Baptist and Other Important Saints

There are hundreds of saints in the Christian tradition. Because each one is patron saint of a different area, the list of the most important saints can vary greatly over time, geographical region and even from person to person. Learn about some significant saints of the early Christian Church....(more)

Most Common Careers in the Christian Faith

A church has numerous employment opportunities in the mission field and in its business office. These are some of the most common Christian careers to pursue in churches....(more)


Religious Explanation: What Is Baptism for?

Christianity has many rituals and rights, some that are more known than others. If you are unfamiliar with the religion, you might have wondered what a baptism is for. Your baptism is a key moment in Christianity, one that initiates you into the religious community....(more)

Religious Reformation: Converting to Christianity

Christianity has been around for over 2,000 years. In that time frame, Christianity has been persecuted, become the biggest religion on Earth and changed the lives of many. Perhaps, it is beginning to grab your attention. If you are considering converting to Christianity, but do not know how, here is a simple six-step plan to help you become a Christian....(more)